Declutter Your Email Inbox in a Few Easy Steps!


Is your email inbox overwhelming? Are you finding it hard to find past emails amongst hundreds (or thousands) in your inbox? Here are three tips to help you get back in charge of your email inbox:

Unsubscribe from mailing lists and promotional emails. Go through your newsletters and make sure you’re only signed up for the ones you actually read, and delete any you haven’t read recently. Also, be sure to unsubscribe from any social media alerts you don’t need. (You may need to go into your social media accounts’ settings to switch this off.) 


The first thing you should do is Delete as much as you possibly can. Don’t delete anything that you might need, Like important receipts, upcoming travel information, or reminders. But something like a notification from Facebook telling you that it’s someone’s birthday or a coupon from a store that you know you aren’t going to use… go ahead and delete them! 


After deleting what you do not want to keep, categorize what is left. You can create different folders or labels for your emails, and then file your emails under each of these different folders accordingly. For instance, if you’ve been doing a little online shopping, and getting lots of confirmation emails for your orders, you might want to keep them in a folder called, “Shopping Receipts”.

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